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Tyres & Wheel Balancing

At Bloomfield Garage, Dublin 8 we offer both tyre fitting and wheel balancing.

We supply & fit all makes of tyres and unlike other garages also fit tyres supplied by you.  For a quotation for the most suitable tyres for your car call us today on: 01-4531433

Detailed below are some insightful tips to ensure optimum tyre performance.

All car models are different.

The tyres that go with your car depend on the load carrying capacity, the maximum speed and other characteristics of your car.

You should always choose the correct tyre size and speed rating for your car. The tyre size is on the side of the tyre. You should regularly check the pressure of your tyres. You can find the ideal pressure in your car’s manual and should be done once a month.

Underinflated  tyres will give you less control, can increase the braking distance and will wear much faster. Overinflated tyres are just as dangerous: they reduce grip, braking  is less stable and you have less control. Regularly check the condition of your tyres.

If you see signs of damage or cracks or If your tyre receives a large impactRegularly check the depth for the tyre tread. The legal minimum is 1.6 mm for normal tyres. However, it is best to change tyres when it is less than 3 mm, or 4 mm for winter tyres.

Wheel balancing is a procedure that ensures that the weight of the wheel is distributed evenly to improve performance and reduce  tyre wear. Static balancing distributes the weight of the wheel evenly around the axle helping your tyres perform at their optimum level and reduce uneven tyre wear.

How important is the tread depth on your tyres? See for yourself with our tread depth app below:

  • 8 mm
  • 7 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 4 mm
  • 3 mm **
  • 2 mm
  • 1.6 mm
  • 1 mm
% wear at

How to check a tyres tread depth

Almost all tyres have tread wear indicators, usually six or more small ribs across the bottom of the main tread grooves. When the tread surface is level with these ribs, the tyre needs to be replaced.

Did you know

1.6mm is the legal tread depth.

In an emergency braking situation at 112 kph. A tyre with 1.6mm of tread depth, will take approx. 40 metres further to stop than a tyre with 3mm.

And the car can still be doing 80 kph at the point at which the 3mm tyre had stopped.

Stopping Distance

**For safety reasons we recommend tyres should be changed with a tread depth of 3mm