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Diagnostic and Fault Finding

When you start your car and there is a light illuminated on the dash board that was not there before. The car will need to be connected to our top of the range diagnostic system to find out what is the problem with the car.


We can supply and fit tyres to your car. The tyres on your car are the connection between you and the road, that is why it’s important to have them checked regularly by one of our experts. Let’s make sure your tyres are safe and road worthy.


Your brakes are a very important component on your vehicle if you cant stop your car you are a danger to yourself and all other cars on the road. We can repair your brakes and keep you smiling. We replace brake pads, discs, callipers, metal brake lines, flexible break lines and brake fluid.

4 Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an item of maintenance that is constantly overlooked by garages and is important to fuel economy, excessive tyre wear and most IMPORTANTLY SAFETY for you driving on the road.

Crash Repairs

We provide an extensive crash repair service from a minor scuff to a full repaint. We can deal directly with your insurance company and provide a courtesy vehicle while your pride and joy is being repaired.

NCT Services

We provide on request the following NCT services: 

  • Pre NCT check over 
  • Fail list repairs 
  • Collection & delivery service 

Gearbox Service and Repairs

Gearbox maintenance for both automatic and manual vehicles is very important because it’s very complex and expensive piece of equipment. Just by changing the gear box oil and filter you can save on heavy repair costs. We can rebuild your old gearbox as good as new.

Timing Chain/Belt

Timing chain and timing belt replacement is a very important part of the running of your vehicle. If not checked can cause major failure to your engine.

Engine Rebuilds

Engine rebuilds happen for a number of reasons:

  1. Loss of oil pressure
  2. Engine overheating 
  3. Broken timing chain or belt
  4. High mileage 
  5. Bad servicing/ maintenance 

The good news we can rebuild!

Differential Rebuilds

The Differential is part of the transmission of your vehicle and is a serviceable item. We can rebuild, repair or replace.

Turbo Charger Replacement

Turbocharger replacement is necessary if your vehicle has run low on engine oil, has had a blocked air filter or simply come to the end of its life span. We can replace with new unit.

Re Mapping

Remapping your cars engines is a simple way to increase fuel economy and performance with out costing you the earth. This will insure you get the best performance from your car and maybe have some extra fun.
All makes and models catered for.

Brake Disc Skimming

We provide a service were by we can skim the brake discs on your vehicle. Saving the cost of replacing your brake discs leaving them as good as new with no more vibration from the brake pedal.

DPF and EGR Cleaning

DPF and EGR is most commonly a diesel engine problem because of the sulphur and carbon build up over time. Cleaning helps with engine performance and fuel economy.

Shock Absorbers and Suspension

Shock absorbers and suspension on your vehicle connect your wheels to the road. If your suspension is worn or broken the efficiency of your vehicle to stay connected to the road is hampered. We are specialist in repair and replacement.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles are here to stay and with this in mind we have trained staff to cope with whatever faults or updates your Hybrid/Electric Vehicle will need.

Software Updates

Software updates are very important part of today’s modern vehicles most cars have up to 20 control units. From time to time new software becomes available and will help keep your vehicle running the way it should.

Replacement Exhaust Systems

Exhaust must be corrosion free and have no leaks to pass the emissions test of the N.C.T when you have a problem with the exhaust we can fix or replace it.

Wipers & Bulb Replacement

Wipers and bulb replacements are part of the everyday basic maintenance of your vehicle.

Clutch and Fly Wheel Replacement

The clutch and flywheel assembly is part of the drive train that connects the engine to the gear box and gives drive to the wheels. If it becomes worn there will be a rattling sound and the vehicle will not accelerate. We can replace these parts.

Coolant system

The coolant system on your car circulates the coolant and keeps your car from overheating if it becomes worn and starts to leak. There is many parts attached to the cooling system including Radiator, Water pump, Thermostat and a lot of hoses.

Air-conditioning Re-gas and Leak Testing

We provide air-con re-gas and leaking testing which is important to keep cool in the heat of the summer.

Brake Line Replacement

The metal brake lines on your vehicle will carry the brake fluid to the corners of your car when you put your foot on the brake pedal the fluid is pumped through to the brake callipers and stops your vehicle. We manufacture and replace your metal brake lines and flexible hoses.


The Anti-Lock Braking System is a safety feature on every modern vehicle. It helps with avoidance of collision or skidding when the brake pedal is applied hard in an emergency situation. We repair all faults relating to this system.

Headlamp Alignment

Headlamp alignment is very important if your headlights are too high or are pointing in the wrong direction facing into oncoming traffic. We can realign as per manufactures specification.

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